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Orifice Plugs, are also referred to as breather plugs, hole plugs, vent plugs or metering plugs. The use of this item is similar to that of cup plugs, except a precise orifice or hole is pierced in each plug. We manufacture orifice plugs with a hole size as small as .020" in diameter and a wall thickness as low as .021". The outer diameter and overall length can be made to customer specifications.

The role of an orifice plug is to present a precise opening in the mating part through which oil or air can pass during the application. It offers an inexpensive way of providing a consistent aperture and is much more cost effective than drilling, reaming, boring and controlling a precise hole in a larger piece. If the drilled hole is out of specification the whole part must be scrapped, instead of a small orifice plug that costs just pennies.

Parts can be case hardened to extend the life of the orifice plug under extreme conditions. We have developed robust quality systems to guarantee the presence of a hole in every part.